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About Sheri Morgan-Perkes

Sheri Morgan-Perkes is an Office Manager at Summit Realty Professionals.  She oversees real estate agents and transactions, daily office operations, and marketing.  Sheri has worked in the real estate industry for 18+ years, doing everything from management, working as an agent, marketing, business development, and investing.  She loves all things real estate and enjoys helping others succeed in their business.  Sheri believes in personal accountability, integrity, being solution-oriented, and proactive.  When she is not hard at work, Sheri loves to design and rehab investment properties with her husband, Brian.  She enjoys tackling new challenges, working with contractors, and using creativity to successfully complete each project.

In her personal life, Sheri’s greatest passions are traveling the world and animals.  Both of which she believes are life-changing.  She loves to explore, get off the beaten path, and learn about other cultures.  Her favorite hobbies are skiing, scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking, cooking plant-based food, listening to live music, and cuddling with her cats.  Sheri’s basic philosophy on life is to be grateful for what you have, look for the silver lining, and that experiences are always made better with those you love.