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GreenDoor ProgramSM

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The GreenDoor ProgramSM offers a cash incentive to our clients for investing in a solar system, xeriscaping, or an electric vehicle when they buy a home with us. The benefit doubles for clients who both buy and sell their homes with our program.*

*Can often be combined with Federal, State, and SRP affiliate incentives. Please contact us for details.

Save Money

Live Comfortably

Save The Environment

Why We Care

Poor air quality and ongoing drought conditions are major concerns for most people. The second largest contributor to those problems is the expansion of commercial buildings and homes. And the problems could worsen because the population along the Wasatch Front is projected to double in the next thirty years. At Summit Realty Professionals, we care about making a difference now.

Our Solution

We understand that energy-efficient upgrades can be a large investment for people, and it needs to make financial sense in order to be worthwhile. That’s why we offer a cash incentive to our clients for investing in a solar system, xeriscaping, or electric vehicle. We have also secured additional discounts from local suppliers. When combined with potential Federal and State incentives, our GreenDoor Program will save our clients thousands of dollars. We intend for the benefits to be so positive that it would make more financial sense to take advantage of the program than not to.

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Utah Governors Certificate of Recognition

GreenDoor ProgramSM
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Certified Member of the
E2 Sustainable Business Program

Frequently Asked Questions

"I am interested in participating in this program. What are the steps involved?"

We will discuss this program option at the beginning of our real estate business relationship. To participate, you will need to sign an acceptance of the terms and conditions of the GreenDoor Program along with the required listing agreement and/or buyer brokerage agreement. After that, the real estate process will be the same, and we will use our experience to help you sell your home, find your next place to call home, or both. After closing, bring us a receipt or invoice from any qualifying and related company, and we’ll happily issue you the credit.

"I'm not sure about my tax situation. Can I still participate in the GreenDoor Program?"

Absolutely! Regardless of your tax situation, you’ll be eligible for our program credit and any affiliate credits when you buy and/or sell a home through us. We’ll also point you toward any government incentives that may be available, and we suggest discussing these options with your tax professional for more information.

"Nothing is for free! Am I paying for this on the 'backend' somehow?"

The answer is no. Our professional real estate services cost remains the same, and we are not increasing it to fund this program. This initiative aims to contribute to the solution of air pollution on the Wasatch Front and water savings, making it a healthier environment for everyone. Additionally, this program can demonstrate that living more energy-efficiently can save a considerable amount of money. 

"Do hybrid vehicles qualify for your GreenDoor Program?"

Plug-in hybrids qualify for our GreenDoor Program, allowing you to use the credit towards purchasing a new or used EV or plug-in hybrid.

"How long do I have to take advantage of the GreenDoor Program reimbursement credit?"

You have one year from the settlement/closing date of your home purchase or sale to take advantage of the GreenDoor Program reimbursement credit.

"What will happen to my credit if I don't use it within one year?"

Although we encourage all our clients to use their credit, if it remains unused, we will use it to support local non-profit groups dedicated to improving Utah’s air quality and making a positive impact.

"What types of documents are acceptable for GreenDoor Program reimbursement?"

You can submit a receipt or completed invoice from any official business located in Utah. The following types of businesses qualify: solar companies, auto dealerships, and landscaping companies. Private transactions are not eligible. 

"How will you help me take advantage of government credits and incentives?"

As real estate professionals, our top priority is to ensure a smooth real estate transaction and help you achieve your real estate goals. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to direct you toward potential government incentives that you may be able to combine with the GreenDoor Program. Please note that government credits and incentives change frequently, and we are not responsible for any changes. We recommend consulting with your tax professional and the solar, auto, or landscaping business you are working with to determine if additional incentives are available. The good news is that taking advantage of such incentives is often possible!

"Do I have to use your affiliate partners, or can I work with whatever company I want?"

No, you are not obligated to use any of our affiliate partners. You are free to work with any related company that you prefer. However, please note that the company must be legitimate and have a business license that we can verify.  

"What is the benefit of using one of your affiliate partners?"

Our affiliate partners are companies we know and trust but have also shown a willingness and commitment to making Utah a cleaner and healthier place to call home. Many of our affiliate partners also offer additional incentives that may be paired with our GreenDoor Program incentive.  

"Can I use the GreenDoor Program for things other than solar, electric or plug-in vehicles, or water-smart landscaping?"

For now, these items have the potential to make a real positive impact in Utah, which is why we have focused on them for our program. However, as new technologies and better products become available, we anticipate expanding our offerings as the market evolves. 

"I am planning to sell my current home and purchase a new one. Can I qualify for the GreenDoor credit for both transactions?"

Absolutely! If you decide to sell your current home and purchase your new one through us, you will be eligible to receive double the credit.