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GreenDoor ProgramSM

At Summit Realty Professionals, we don’t just care about selling homes, we care about you.

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The GreenDoor ProgramSM offers a cash incentive to our clients for investing in a solar system, xeriscaping, or an electric vehicle when they buy a home with us. The benefit doubles for clients who both buy and sell their homes with our program.*

*Can often be combined with Federal, State, and SRP affiliate incentives. Please contact us for details.

Save Money

Live Comfortably

Save The Environment

Why We Care

Poor air quality and ongoing drought conditions are major concerns for most people. The second largest contributor to those problems is the expansion of commercial buildings and homes. And the problems could worsen because the population along the Wasatch Front is projected to double in the next thirty years. At Summit Realty Professionals, we care about making a difference now.

Our Solution

We understand that energy-efficient upgrades can be a large investment for people, and it needs to make financial sense in order to be worthwhile. That’s why we offer a cash incentive to our clients for investing in a solar system, xeriscaping, or electric vehicle. We have also secured additional discounts from local suppliers. When combined with potential Federal and State incentives, our GreenDoor Program will save our clients thousands of dollars. We intend for the benefits to be so positive that it would make more financial sense to take advantage of the program than not to.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

  • Save hundreds, potentially thousands on utilities

  • Feel more comfortable in your home

  • Help save the environment

GreenDoor ProgramSM
Proudly Endorsed by:

Certified Member of the
E2 Sustainable Business Program